Wednesday, July 8, 2009

i am just a wannabe

my husband took me on a date tonight (yay!). as we were sitting in barnes and noble, the knitting section captured my interest. i grabbed several books off the shelf to browse. wonderful pictures and patterns stared back at me from the pages. and i came to a realization tonight.

i will never be like my friends, yarnthing and shortstorylong. i am not a professional knitter. it is not that i am not disciplined enough; i just don't feel the drive that they do to create. i knit socially, not because i am passionate about it. sometimes when i am around them, i feel a little twinge of jealousy for their confidence and proficiency. they make wonderful sweaters and socks and hats. i WANT to create the beautiful designs and garments and handbags. i do. but i DON'T want to devote the time that it would take to make them.

i need to be able to remind myself that i am just a wannabe when my friends are whipping up their wonderful creations and my imagination starts to hyper-drive. I AM JUST A WANNABE.

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